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Block/Unblock Participants and Devices

How can a host block/unblock participants' camera/microphone?
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

Host or moderator can block any participant in one click - devices (camera and microphone), chat, and access the demonstration section will be turned off and blocked.

In order to block a participant, open the menu and press "Block participant".
To unblock a participant, press the "Unblock participant".

The host and moderator he appointed can block or unblock a camera or microphone (or both) for any chosen participant.

To block the participant's camera or microphone the host will open the participant's menu and choose the device to be blocked. The host will subsequently get the following popup screen messages:

To unblock user's devices pick the participant menu options accordingly:

When you finish unblocking devices you can send the Unmute requests to the user.

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